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Our Team:

Preston Woody

Preston is a speaker, culture consultant, and certified World Class executive men's coach. He has coached, entrepreneurs, pastors, military personal, athletes, and corporate executives all over the USA to gain massive clarity, take massive action and deliver massive results.

Preston is a John Maxwell Certified Speaker and Coach and a SYMBIS Certified Marriage Mentor. He has also served as a Licensed Minister and an Employee Specialist in corporate America.

Preston's obsession is to unleash high performance individuals to live disciplined and meaningful lives and to help men access their unique "peak state".

Zachary Reed

With over 11 years of business startup experience, Zachary strengthened his skills while building DNA STAT, a Dallas, TX-based medical company.

Developing the goals and vision of leadership, he instituted processes, systems, and operational flow, constructed organizational leadership, and implemented technological advances that supported the entire corporation, including the company’s hundreds of clients and contractors around the United States.

Reed’s efforts at DNA STAT created an infrastructure that supported the multi-million dollar enterprise. Now, Zach works with a rapidly growing church in Fort Worth, TX, and has a passion for personal growth & development.

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